283. Ronald Lynn Amerine

b. abt 1944. He married Darla Lynn Shinkle. She was born abt 1949.


i. David Shane Amerine b. abt 1970.

ii. Chad Douglas Amerine b. abt 1972.

284. Jolene Hardman

b. abt 1939. She married Randall Erwin.


i. Darci Dawn Erwin.

ii. Ty Brady Erwin.

285. Sarah Sue Hardman

b. abt 1943. She married (1) Frank Gravett. Sarah married (2) William Troglin.

Children by Frank Gravett:

i. Traci Rhee' Gravett b. abt 1964.

Children by William Troglin:

ii. William Carlos Troglin II b. abt 1973.

iii. Scott Allan Troglin.

286. Marcia Ann Amerine

b. abt 1940. She married Robert L. Baird. He was born abt 1936.


i. Cindy Baird b. abt 1962.

ii. Melanie Baird b. abt 1964.

iii. Ric Allen Baird b. abt 1967.

287. Diana Lyn Amerine

b. abt 1946. She married Stephen L. Kelley. He was born abt 1947.


i. Kristin Lanae Kelley b. abt 1970.

ii. Kara Beth Kelley.

288. Doris Jean Wardell

b. abt 1931. She married Gene Sheppard. He was born abt 1932.


i. Bradley Gene Sheppard b. abt 1959. He married Debbie Lyn Knighten.

ii. LeAnn Sheppard b. abt 1960. She married Steven Ennis Setcliff.

iii. Stacey Renee Sheppard b. abt 1962. She married Timothy Alan Robinson.

iv. Tina Michelle Sheppard b. abt 1965.

v. Patricia Gayle Sheppard b. abt 1967.

vi. Cynthia June Sheppard, b. abt 1970.

289. Wendell Maynard Wardell Jr.

b. abt 1944. He married Rochelle Elizabeth Maddox. She was born abt 1945.


i. Alecia Christine Wardell b. abt 1967.

ii. Annisa One' Wardell b. abt 1967.

iii. Brandon Clark Wardell b. abt 1975.

290. Sharon Lee Wardell

b. abt 1946. She married Billy Raye Kilmer. He was born abt 1943.


i. Colyn Ashlee Kilmer b. abt 1977.

291. Hazel Sharon Amerine

b. 2 Feb 1942. She married 19 Oct 1959, Dennis Ralph (Dennie) Nitzsche. He was born b. 23 Sep 1938.


393aa. i. John David Nitzsche b. 8 May 1960.

393ab. ii. Diana Lynn Nitzsche b. 19 Dec 1968.

292. Victoria Marie Amerine

b. 19 Mar 1942. She married 5 Jun 1960, Ronald Duane Wells.


393ac. i. Teresa Dawn (Terri) Wells b. 14 Jun 1962.

393ad. ii. Eric Scott Wells b. 13 Mar 1965.

293. William Brownlow (Billy) Amerine

b. 19 Mar 1945 in Kingman, Kingman County, Kansas. He married (1) Carolyn J. Broadbooks. He married (2) Rachial Rochelle (Shelly) Hill.

Children by Carolyn J. Broadbooks:

393ae. i. Mandy Dawn Amerine b. 17 May 1975.

294. Priscilla D. Amerine

b. 17 Feb 1940. She married Ned Barnett Foster.


i. Douglas Shawn Foster b. abt 1960.

ii. Diana Marie Foster b. abt 1962.

iii. Nedette Denise Foster b. abt 1973.

295. Terry Wesley Amerine

b. 2 May 1945. He married (1) Sandra Quinn. Terry married (2) Carole Diane Cummings.

Children by Sandra Quinn:

i. Heather Marie Amerine b. abt 1964.

Children by Carol Diane Cummings:

ii. Robert Wesley Amerine b. abt 1964.

iii. Gregory Wayne Amerine b. abt 1977.

iv. Jeffery Ward Amerine b. abt 1977.

296. Brenda Kathleen Amerine

b. 20 Feb 1948. She married Tom Sanchez.


i. Sherina F. Sanchez b. abt 1975.

ii. Rebecca Sanchez b. abt 1979.

297. Mike Bauman

b. abt 1949. He married Jean Zink.


i. Matt Bauman b. abt 1970.

ii. Michaelle Bauman b. abt 1973.

298. Dick Foster

b. abt 1940. He married Patricia Welch.


i. Rebecca Foster b. abt 1966.

ii. Larry Foster b. abt 1969.

298a. Charles Ralph Nuchols

b. 5 Mar 1961 in Tennessee. He died 25 Oct 1993 in Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio, and was buried in Pancoastburg, Fayette County, Ohio. Charles married Robin L. Handley, (daughter of James Handley and Janice Weekley). She was born 20 Jul 1965 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. Charles was a state park ranger at Deer Creek, Ohio, and he loved the wildlife. His family chose to bury him in a wildlife habitat....the cemetery is surrounded by woods and it's the most beautiful thing!!


i. Kyle Nuchols b. abt 1990 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

298b. John Barnhill Nuchols III

b. 8 Aug 1959 in South Carolina. He married (1) Kathleen (Kathy) Stupay, (daughter of Jerry Stupay and Gloria (Stupay)). He married (2) 25 May 1985 in Anderson County, Tennessee, Rebecca Kaye Harris. She was born 21 Aug 1962 in Tennessee. John married (3) 25 Jan 1997 in Anderson County, Tennessee, Selina Pauline Blalock, (daughter of Lonnie Blalock and Lola Jean Hunter). She was born 23 Jul 1973 in Tennessee.

Children by Kathleen (Kathy) Stupay:

i. John Barnhill (Johnny) Nuchols IV. b. 17 Feb 1982 in Oak Ridge, Anderson County, Tennessee. He married 20 Mar 2004 in Clark County, Nevada, Angela Antonia Madjarac.

299. Eric Anthony Nuchols

b. 31 Aug 1961 in Torrance, Los Angeles County, California. He died 26 Jul 2007 in New Braunfels, Comal County, Texas, and the funeral was 30 Jul 2007 in Weatherford Mortuary, Anderson County, Tennessee. Eric was buried 31 Jul 2007 in Anderson Memorial Gardens, Anderson County, Tennessee. He married (1) 11 Jul 1984 in Oliver Springs, Anderson County, Tennessee, Sandrah Kay Jones, (daughter of Billy Ray Jones and Joan Delores Walker). She was born 7 Jun 1967 in Oak Ridge, Anderson County, Tennessee. Eric married (2) 6 Nov 1995 in Anderson County, Tennessee, Mary Cruz Daniels, (daughter of Cruz Daniels and Morela Josefina Vivas) She was born 23 Jan 1968. Eric welded a picture of Mary, the mother of Jesus, with Him lying in her lap after the crucifixion. It was shown on the front page of the Knoxville News Sentinel, on April 10, 1993.

The following was taken from the May/June issue of The American Welder:

Metal Lends Itself to Innovation

   Eric Nuchols learned to weld in high school, but when he was given the opportunity to participate in a work-study program he said, "No way am I going to be welder." He did have a love for art, though, and in his early years he sketched and oil painted. "I was very good at it," he said. But on a trip to New Orleans, where he saw many painters selling their work on the streets, he thought, "I could spend a week on a painting and only get a pittance." It so discouraged him that he gave up his artistic endeavors for many years. In the interim, as responsibilities mounted in his life, he needed a job that would earn him a decent living. He fell back on his welding education.
   His dormant artistic urgings were reawakened while working for his present employer Pathway Bellows, a manufacturer of metal expansion components. The main material for these products is stainless steel. Nuchols started to experiment with a plasma torch on scrap stainless just to see what kind of colors he could get by heating it to different temperatures. He became proficient at varying and blending the colors, and the artist side of him was stimulated to use this skill to create images in metal. He started modestly at first, but his success encouraged him to try grander things. His image of the crucified Christ held by Mary at the foot of the cross is 6-ft 4-in. tall, 5-ft 8-in. wide and weighs 180 lb. It took him nine months to complete the piece, working in the evening after a full workday and on Saturdays. It attracted extensive attention locally.

   His artwork is made from 1/16-in.-thick stainless steel sheet, which is cut by a plasma arc. The pieces of the image are control heated to bring multiple colors to the surface of the stainless steel. The palette of distinctive colors he is able to achieve with his heating technique gives the artwork a unique visual presence. Warpage does present a problem with this steel, but Nuchols pounds the piece into shape with a rubber mallet and uses water cooling to counteract the distortion. He achieves a 3-D effect in his artwork by resting pieces of the image at varying levels on metal supports welded to the base. Painstaking texture is given to the image with metalworking tools. The welds on the exposed side of his artwork are almost invisible. He uses the gas tungsten arc process. The welds are buffed and then heated to color blend with the surrounding area.
   Working with metal is a pleasure for him. "I like its durability," he said. "It is not so delicate as other media. I like working with something that will be around for a long time, and that I can share it with others in the future." Metal also inspires his creativity. He noted that so much has already been done in an artistic way with a medium such as oil paint, but "metal lends itself to innovation. There is still so much to create," he emphasized. "It inspires new thoughts and possibilities, and it is very exciting to work with. I can work on a piece for twelve hours and it might only seem like two. It absolutely consumes me."
   Nuchols has created ten pieces since reviving his artistic drive almost eight years ago. One stands permanently in an Oak Ridge, Tenn., public park, donated to commemorate a Rotary International program to eradicate polio by providing vaccine to countries around the world. He will continue with his art, and ideas for new pieces are in mind. He is fortunate to have an employer who encourages his artistic work and provides work space, equipment and material for his projects. He also praised the welding skill of his fellow workers and their willingness to share their knowledge with him. Nuchols lives in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

   Eric died of a heart attack in New Braunfels, Texas, where he was working on a field assignment. He was born Aug. 31, 1961, in Torrance, Calif., and graduated in 1980 from Oak Ridge High School. He served with the U.S. Army, 82nd Airborne Division, spending time in the states and in Italy.
   Mr. Nuchols worked for many years with Pathway Bellows, which became Senior Flextronics Pathway. He was part of a specialty welding team, which took him to many different countries around the world.
   He was a local artist who received tremendous recognition throughout East Tennessee for his works of art using the medium of stainless steel and heat and spent months heating, cooling, pounding and rolling a sheet of stainless steel into a dramatic art work of religious art. He was the creator of the metal sculpture, "Children of the World" globe, which sits in front of the Oak Ridge Municipal Building.


393af. i. Natasha Marie Nuchols b. abt 1986.

393ag. ii. Tiffany Nicole Nuchols b. abt 1990.

300. Thomas Lamar Nuchols, Jr.

b. 29 Nov 1961 in Delaware. He married 8 Jul 1983 in Anderson County, Tennessee, Debra (Debbie) McKamey, (daughter of James McKamey and Melva Phillips). She was born in Anderson County, Tennessee.


i. Savannah Lynn Nuchols b. 10 Apr 1988 in Anderson County, Tennessee.

ii. Selina Nuchols b. in Anderson County, Tennessee.

iii. Nigel Nuchols b. 10 Nov 1996 in Anderson County, Tennessee.

301. Sandra Sue Nuchols

b. 24 Oct 1965 in Gatlinburg, Sevier County, Tennessee. She married (1) 16 Nov 1991 in Anderson County, Tennessee, Danny Lester Crowley, (son of L. D. Crowley and Miss (Crowley)). He was born 2 Jun 1955 in Anderson County, Tennessee. She married (2) 10 Feb 2001 in Anderson County, Tennessee, Burl W. Wells.

Children by Danny Lester Crowley:

i. Danielle Crowley b. 29 Dec 1989 in Anderson County, Tennessee.

301a. Martha Alice Trotter

b. 13 Sep 1916 in Blount County, Tennessee. She died 8 Sep 1997 in Blount County, Tennessee. Martha married Riley Jenkins. He was born 3 Apr 1904, and died in May 1987 in Blount County, Tennessee.


393e. i. Jerry L. Jenkins b. 25 Aug 1939.

ii. Linda Jenkins. She married Charles Savage.

iii. John T. Jenkins. He married Gail Erickson.

iv. Shirley Jenkins. She married Shan Harris.

301b. Cindy D. Christensen

b. 11 Jan 1955 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. She married Robert J. Mulroy. He was born 13 Feb 1959.


i. Eric Mulroy.

ii. Adam Mulroy.

301aa. Zona June Patton

b. 22 Jun 1924 in Blount County, Tennessee. She died 7 Aug 1989 in Alcoa, Blount County, Tennessee. June married 10 Jan 1943 in Blount County, Tennessee, Robert Taylor Maples, (son of Robert Maples and Lucy Justice). He was born 5 Feb 1920 in Blount County, Tennessee.


394a. i. Susan Maples b. 15 Jul 1948.

ii. Pamela June Maples b. 4 Dec 1951 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married (1) 20 Jul 1974 in Blount County, Tennessee, James Hillous Lampley. He was born 9 Jul 1946 in Dickson County, Tennessee. Pamela married (2) 19 Jun 1987 in Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama, Gordon Merle Gunderson Jr. He was born 9 Dec 1945.

301ab. Cedric Silas Patton

b. 30 Jun 1927 in Blount County, Tennessee. He died 3 Dec 1988 in Roane County, Tennessee, and was buried in Grandview Cemetery, Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee. He married Betty Shepperd.


i. Johnny Patton b 1948.

ii. Jeff Patton

301ac. Billie Ruth Patton

b. 24 Nov 1928 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married Orvin Anderson. He was born in 1922.


394b. i. Daniel (Danny) Anderson .

394ba. ii. Steven Randle Anderson .

301ad. Nellie Blanch Patton

b. 24 Jan 1930 in Blount County, Tennessee. She died 15 Apr 2008 in Halifax Medical Center, Daytona Beach, Volusia County, Florida. The funeral was 19 Apr 2008 in Smith's Funeral Home, Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee, and she was buried 19 Apr 2008 in Grandview Cemetery, Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee. Blanch married Fred C. Gatlin. Blanch was a devoted member of Calvary Baptist Church and a wonderful, caring mother. She will be deeply loved and missed by all who knew her.


396. i. Blanche Elaine Gatlin born in 1949.

396a. ii. Anna Ruth Gatlin born in 1951.

396b. iii. Freddie Kay Gatlin born in 1953.

396c. iv. Janice Marie Gatlin born in 1959.

396d. v. Clayton Wendell Gatlin born in 1966.

301ae. Dorothy Jean Patton

b. 14 Apr 1932 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married (1) Billy Thomas Anderson. Dorothy married (2) Robert (Bob) Miller.

Children by Billy Trent Anderson:

396e. i. Cathy Jean Anderson b. 23 Jul 1951.

396f. ii. Sandra (Sandy) Anderson b. 20 Dec 1954.

396g. iii. Billy Trent Anderson b. 8 Mar 1957.

301af. James Homer (Jimmy) Patton

b. 23 Oct 1934 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married Ina Noe.


i. Debbie Patton.

ii. Jan Patton.

iii. Douglas Patton.

301ag. Patricia Kay Patton

b. 26 Jan 1942 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married 2 Sep 1960, Charles O. Kennedy. He was born 30 Apr 1939.


397. i. Sherri Jayne Kennedy b. 12 Mar 1961.

397a. ii. Christopher Todd Kennedy b. 11 Jan 1975.

301ak. Eugene Herbert Soza

b. 30 Apr 1928 in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida. He died in 2002. He married Barbara Pincombe. She was born 13 Jan 1932.


397k. i. Matthew Gene Soza b. 13 Aug 1956.

397l. ii. Scott Howard Soza b. 5 Aug 1957.

397m. iii. Jonathan Abel Soza b. 24 May 1959.

397n. iv. Joel Raymond Soza b. 7 Aug 1961.

301al. John Abel Soza

b. 2 Aug 1929 in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida. He married 9 Oct 1954, Elizabeth (Betty) Deas. She was born 28 Oct 1933, and died in 2008.


397o. i. Laurie Soza b. 14 Mar 1956.

301am. Juanita Soza

b. 23 Mar 1932 in Ohio. She married Thomas Sweeney.


i. Tim Sweeney.

ii. Chris Sweeney.

301ba. Thomas J. Wheeler

b. 10 Sep 1930 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married Virginia Mae (Wheeler).


i. Debbie Wheeler

ii. Sandy Wheeler

iii. Brenda Wheeler

301bb. Patty Wheeler

b. 10 May 1934 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married John Yates.


i. Melanie Yates.

ii. Lisa Yates.

302. John Arthur Shinpaugh

b. 14 Apr 1937 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married (1) 30 Jan 1963 in San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas, Clara C. Smith. She was born 14 May 1943 in Johnson City, Blanco County, Texas. John married (2) abt 1990, Hazel Heft. From 1959 to 1984, John served in the USAF as Intelligence Officer, in Texas, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, and out of the country in Italy, Taiwan, Thailand, and England.


i. Kevin Anthony Shinpaugh, b. 19 May 1964 in Tripoli, Libya.

398. ii. Gianina Mechelle Shinpaugh b. 20 Aug 1967.

iii. Patrick Brannan Shinpaugh b. 11 Mar 1969 in Taipei, Taiwan.

303. Karen Ellen Shinpaugh

b. 29 Jan 1939 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married 3 Jun 1961 in Arlington County, Virginia, Eldon Eugene Eskew. He was born 23 Jul 1937 in Viento, Oregon, and died 25 Jan 2013, in Yuma, Yuma County, Arizona. He was cremated as his body was donated for medical research. His ashes were delivered to National Cemetery of Arizona, June 2013.


i. Eldon E. Eskew, III b. 25 Oct 1962 in Bethesda, Montgomery County, Maryland. He died 30 Oct 2011 in Yuma, Yuma County, Arizona. He was cremated.

ii. Baby Boy Eskew b. 19 Aug 1964 in Agana, Guam, Marianas Island. He was Stillborn.

304. George Riddle Macht

b. 14 Dec 1939 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married 2 Jun 1967 in Blount County, Tennessee, Evelyn Pickens, (daughter of Dewey Pickens and Mae Davis). She was born 21 Apr 1936.


i. Mark Edward Macht b. 15 Feb 1969.

ii. Susan Elizabeth Macht b. 9 May 1973.

305. Nancy Jane Macht

b. 29 Dec 1947 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married abt 1968 in Blount County, Tennessee, Jerry Monroe McKeehan. Children:

i. Tracy McKeehan born in Blount County, Tennessee.

ii. Lori McKeehan born in Blount County, Tennessee. She died 20 Sep 1999, in California. Lori married David Thomasson.

305a. Thomas Alexander (Tommy) Riddle

b. 27 Mar. 1947, Blount County, Tennessee, He married Naomi Rosenberg, (daughter of George Kenneth Rosenberg and Hannah (Honey) Littwin). She was born 19 Mar 1947. Tommy died 4 Oct 2014 in Orlando, Orange County, Florida. He was buried 10 Oct 2014 in Chapel Hill Cemetery, Orlando, Orange County, Florida.


398c. i. Traci Ann Riddle .

398d. ii. Alexis Loraine Riddle .








    The Red Nazi Book is an original document that was taken from a Nazi Officer during an invasion by American Troops in Germany during World War II. As my father, then Sargeant Richard T. Riddle, told the story...his battle group consisting of the Infantry, and the Heavy Tank Brigade were entering a hostile German occupied city (unknown) where the Germans had a major supply depot and stronghold in the area. As they entered a section of the city where heavy fighting was taking place, they could see that it was a very high level Nazi Military Post as evidenced by the Nazi Swastikas and other Nazi Insignia on the buildings. The tank with Sargeant Riddle then opened fire and blew down the outer wall of a large office building and inside was an astonished Nazi Officer scurrying to burn all the documents, maps and other evidence. The Nazi grabbed This Red Book, pulled his saber and slashed it as though he was trying to destroy it before he was caught. Sargeant Riddle saw what he was doing and opened fire from the tank, killing the Nazi before he could destroy any more evidence. Sargeant Riddle relieved the dead Nazi clutching This Red Book from his possession and placed it into his backpack for safe keeping until he had time to examine the contents. Along with This Red Book, Sargeant Riddle removed Nazi Pipes and the actual saber from the Nazi officer which was used to make the diagonal cut noticeable on the outer edge of the book cover. The force of the blow to the book was so strong that it cut through the wooden cover and into the book's pages. Fortunately the contents were not destroyed and remain today as they were first observed during that day of reckoning. The Red Book is written in German and has been translated to reveal that this book was the Original Nazi Ideology which was under development to perpetuate the existence and might of the Nazi War Machine. Included in the back of the book is a view finder which provides a 3-D visual of the 100 photographs of the Fuhrer and his henchmen at a multitude of events.

    It is with great pride and love for our nation that I present This Red Book for the world to see. I further raise a hand in salute to my father and the other proud American Soldiers that have fought the fight for our freedom. It is my heartfelt intent that our Jewish families will find some meaning in This Red Book and know that through the blood they shed during the Holocaust, their memories live on and we are proud to call them our brothers and sisters in the name of freedom.

Dad - You will always be in my heart!

Your proud son,

Thomas A. Riddle

305b. Donna Cheryl Riddle

b. 2 Jul 1949. She married William (Bill) Chapin. He was born 27 Dec 1951.


398e. i. Brian William Chapin b. 1 Mar 1980.

ii. Cheryl Beth Chapin b. 19 Nov 1982

305c. Donald Eugene Everett

b. 14 Mar 1929 in Blount County, Tennessee. He died 26 Aug 2003 in Blount Memorial Hospital, Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee. On 29 Aug 2003, there was a Military Funeral, at Grandview Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee, where he was buried. Don married (1) 9 Mar 1952 in Blount County, Tennessee, Ardith Faye Mickey. She was born 11 Mar 1926 in Oklahoma, and died 20 Nov 1985 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married (2) Delores (Dee) Ketring Tenney. Don married (3) 18 Sep 1987, Margaret Louise Owens, (daughter of James (Jim) Clarence Owens and Katie Nuchols). She was born 22 Jun 1930 in Blount County, Tennessee, and died 2 Jun 1994 in Blount County, Tennessee. Margaret was buried in Old Piney Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee. Don was a member of the American Legion and retired from ALCOA. He also was a Veteran of the United States Air Force serving in the Korean War..


i. Kenney Gerald Everett b. Sep 1944.

ii. Larry E. Everett b. 18 Jun 1952.

305d. William Dale Everett

b. 8 Jan 1932 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married 23 Jun 1957, Juanita Harris. She was born 9 May 1935.


393a. i. Ronny Dale Everett b. 6 May 1958.

ii. Dennis Raymond Everett b. 9 Apr 1961.

305aa. Roy Elmer Millsaps

b. 30 Jan 1914 in Blount County, Tennessee. He died 2 Dec 1980 in Greenback, Loudon County, Tennessee, and was buried in Dotson Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery, Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee. Roy married (1) Lucille Lewis. He married (2) Mona K. McClanahan, (daughter of Wayne McClananhan and Hazel Sexton). She was born 9 Nov 1913 in Blount County, Tennessee, and died 23 Jul 1988 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. Mona was buried in Dotson Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery, Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee.

Children by Lucille Lewis:

i. Frances Millsaps b. 21 Sep 1935. She married Richard Powers.

Children by Mona K. McClanahan:

ii. Hedy Millsaps b. 14 Sep 1940. She married Ronald Cook.

iii. Margaret Millsaps b. 5 Aug 1943. She married Carl Cole.

iv. Stella Millsaps b. 19 Jun 1945.

v. Carolyn Millsaps b. 16 Apr 1952. She married Richard Lantz.

305ab. Charles William Millsaps

b. 18 Jun 1915 in Blount County, Tennessee. He died 19 Oct 1991 in Blount County, Tennessee, and was buried in Dotson Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery, Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee. He married 29 Aug 1937, Lora Kathleen O'Neal, (daughter of Amos O'Neal and Mary (O'Neal)). She was born 3 Jan 1923, and died 8 Dec 2007 in University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. The funeral was 10 Dec 2007 in New Hope Baptist Church, Blount County, Tennessee, and she was buried 11 Dec 2007 in Dotson Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery, Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee.


393b. i. Bessie Millsaps b. 11 May 1939.

ii. Teresa Millsaps b. 17 Jan 1951. She married 21 Dec 1976, Steve Hembree.

305ac. Ralph Holland Millsaps

b. 24 May 1917. He died 20 Oct 1979. He married Coza Mae Cable, (daughter of William Fonze Cable and Lucinda Sparks). She was born 14 Sep 1916 in Blount County, Tennessee, and died 23 Aug 2009 in Blount County, Tennessee. The funeral was 26 Aug 2009 in a grave side service, and she was buried 26 Aug 2009 in Forest Hill Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee.


393ba. i. Sarah Lou Millsaps b. 1 Oct 1937.

ii. Robert Hugh (Bobby) Millsaps b. 27 Mar 1940. He married Linda P. Harmon. She was born in 1950.

305ad. James Edward Millsaps

b. 20 Apr 1919 in Blount County, Tennessee. He died 30 May 2007 in Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee. The funeral was 31 May 2007 in Biereley-Hale Funeral Home, Madisonville, Monroe County, Tennessee, and he was buried 1 Jun 2007 in Haven Hill Memorial Gardens, Madisonville, Monroe County, Tennessee. James married 26 Mar 1937, Marjorie Mae Riddle, (daughter of Robert White Riddle and Anna Lauren Wilburn). She was born 13 Mar 1922, and died 12 Jan 1999 in Monroe County, Tennessee, and was buried in Haven Hill Cemetery, Monroe County, Tennessee. James was a well known Monroe County farmer.


394aa. i. Billie Ruth Millsaps b. 12 Apr 1938.

394ab. ii. Bobbie Jean Millsaps b. 14 Dec 1939.

394ac. iii. Mary Evelyn Millsaps b. 25 Nov 1941.

394ad. iv. Wanda Faye Millsaps b. 1 Oct 1943.

394ae. v. James Edward Millsaps Jr. b. 19 Aug 1945.

394af. vi. Judy Elaine Millsaps b. 29 Aug 1947.

394ag. vii. Elizabeth Jane Millsaps b. 10 Sep 1949.

394ah. viii. Arthur Lee Millsaps b. 25 Sep 1950.

394ai. ix. Donald Ray Millsaps b. 28 Jul 1952.

394aj. x. Nancy Kathyrn Millsaps b. 19 Jan 1954.

394ak. xi. Randal Dwight (Randy) Millsaps b. 11 Mar 1955.

xii. Margie Maxine Millsaps b. 13 Mar 1956. She married Mr. Maxwell.

394al. xiii. Karen Delilah Millsaps b. 8 Mar 1957.

305ae. Lois Irene Millsaps

b. 7 Jul 1921. She married 19 Sep 1937, James Rastus Carter, (son of Austin F. Carter and Lula J. Spencer). He was born 4 Dec 1917 in Blount County, Tennessee, and died 10 Oct 1982 in Blount County, Tennessee.


394au. i. Betty Ann Carter b. 27 Jul 1940.

394av. ii. Robert Clinton Carter b. 22 Oct 1944.

394aw. iii. Roger Denton Carter b. 22 Aug 1952.

305af. Robert Mack Millsaps

b. 2 Jan 1924. He married Jewel Campbell. She was born 20 Jan 1929.


i. Patricia Millsaps b. 28 Jun 1946. She married Mr. Clark.

394ax. ii. Kathy Millsaps b. 22 Jan 1952.

394ay. iii. Julie Millsaps b. 13 Apr 1953.

. 305ag. Lloyd Clinton Millsaps

b. 10 Mar 1926. He married 4 May 1948, Norma Jean Smith.


i. Brenda Gail Millsaps born in October 1947.

394am. ii. Nancy Joann Millsaps b. 26 Apr 1949.

394an. iii. Diana Lynn Millsaps b. 24 Jun 1950.

394ao. iv. Lloyd Clinton Millsaps Jr. b. 20 Aug 1951.

394ap. v. Jerry Glen Millsaps b. 25 Jul 1953.

394aq. vi. Connie Elaine Millsaps b. 19 Feb 1957.

305ah. Mary Katherine Millsaps

b. 31 Apr 1929. She married Clay Jennings Jr., (son of Clay Jennings and Virgie Williams). He was born 26 Jul 1925, and died 26 Jan 1974.


402. i. Barbara Jean Jennings b. 7 Jul 1946.

402a. ii. Linda Gail Jennings b. 1 Oct 1951.

iii. Raymond Clay Jennings b. 18 Sep 1954. He married Peggy Bowers.

305ai. Glen Allen Millsaps

born 30 Nov 1936 in Blount County, Tennessee. He died 12 Aug 1992 in Blount County, Tennessee, and was buried in Dotson Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery, Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee. Glen married 23 Aug 1958, Edna Ruth Smith. She was born 5 Dec 1939.


i. Lynn Alan Millsaps b. 22 Jun 1960. He married Debbie Kidd.

ii. Larry Gene Millsaps b. 5 Apr 1962 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married Lesa (Millsaps).

iii. Michael Edward Millsaps b. 22 Jul 1963. He married Kim Hennings.

305aj. Edward Leroy Millsaps

b. 22 May 1927. He married Irene Pace. She was born 3 Oct 1929.


i. Gayle Marie Millsaps b. 22 Jun 1956.

ii. Michael Edward Millsaps b. 22 Aug 1958.

394ar. iii. Teresa Kay Millsaps b. 13 Jan 1961.

305ak. Ruth Elaine Millsaps

b. 14 Apr 1929. She married Clyde Vernon Hampton, Jr..


i. Clyde Vernon Hampton III b. 23 Sep 1959.

305al. Betty Jo Millsaps

b. 24 Jun 1930. She married 24 Sep 1950, Emmet S. Sledge.


i. Troy McKinley Sledge b. 22 Jul 1953. He married Deborah Jean (Sledge). Troy and Deborah had three children.

305am. William Arthur Millsaps

b. 2 Feb 1932. He married Lodima Wear.


i. Jeff Millsaps b. 13 Jun 1959.

ii. Libby Millsaps b. 22 Mar 1963.

iii. Lee Ann Millsaps b. 19 Mar 1964.

305an. Fred Allen Millsaps

b. 22 May 1934. He married Elizabeth (Millsaps).


i. Suzanna Elizabeth Millsaps b. 19 Jan 1967.

305ao. Kenneth R. Millsaps

b. 5 May 1937 in Blount County, Tennessee. He died 22 May 1994 in Church Hill, Hawkins County, Tennessee, and was buried 24 May 1994 in Church Hill Memory Gardens, Church Hill, Hawkins County, Tennessee. He married (1) Sue Etta (Millsaps). Kenneth married (2) Mary M. (Millsaps).


i. Mark Millsaps.

ii. Jeff Millsaps.

305ap. Martha Ann Millsaps

b. 27 Apr 1938. She married Wayne Cartwright.


i. Daryl Wayne Cartwright.

305aq. Harry Charles Millsaps

b. 3 Sep 1939. He married 28 Nov 1963, Jeanette Bolton.


i. Charles Shannon Millsaps b. 16 Jan 1967. He married 9 Nov 1991, Diahann Snider.

ii. Darek McKinley Millsaps b. 6 Oct 1969. He married 17 Dec 1993, Melissa Karen Taylor.

305ar. Jerry Lynn Millsaps

b. 26 Feb 1944. He married Doris Jean Green.


i. David Scott Millsaps b. 26 Oct 1967.

ii. Kent Millsaps b. 31 Jul 1969.

iii. Karen Millsaps b. 16 Jan 1973.

305as. William H. James

b. 28 Mar 1935. He married 7 Sep 1956, Mildred Eddington.


394as. i. William David James b. 27 Mar 1959.

394at. ii. Kelly Susanne James b. 20 Feb 1962.

305at. Margaret Helene James

b. 3 Feb 1949. She married 14 Apr 1973, Robert Paul.


i. Regina Annette Paul b. 31 Jan 1979.

ii. Robert Joseph Paul b. 22 Jun 1983.

iii. Nichols James Paul b. 7 Oct 1986.

305au. Maurice Ellis Hawkins

b. 25 Apr 1914 in Blount County, Tennessee. He died 14 Jul 1981 in Camden, Preble County, Ohio, and was buried in Fairfield, Franklin County, Indiana. Maurice married 1 Nov 1940, Marjorie Maxine Davis, (daughter of Blanchard Davis and Pearl Cromwell). She was born 19 May 1922 in Indiana, and died 25 Jun 2003 in Camden, Preble County, Ohio.


i. Gary Lee Hawkins b. 16 Jul 1944 in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana, and died in September 1974. Gary was buried in Fairfield, Franklin County, Indiana.

ii. Marjorie Eva Hawkins b. 23 Apr 1952 in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana, and died in May 1952 in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana.

305av. Anna Katherine Hawkins

b. 25 Jun 1917 in Blount County, Tennessee. She died 18 Jul 1998 in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana. Anna married 12 Nov 1935 in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana, Clarence Orville Ketring, (son of Leroy Newton Ketring and Lena Florence Anderson). He was born 8 May 1911 in Arba, Randolph County, Indiana, and died in May 1987 in Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee.


i. Richard Lee Ketring b. 23 Jan 1945 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. He died 6 Aug 1948 in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana.

306. Richard Steven (Steve) Millsaps

b. 16 Apr 1942 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married 29 Jun 1963, Sandra Joan Cotter, (daughter of Clell Cotter and Queenie Adams). She was born 23 Oct 1943.

Children: i. Melanie Dawn Millsaps b. 3 Dec 1964.

ii. Robert Stacy Millsaps b. 23 Sep 1970 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married 4 Jan 1997 in First Baptist of Alcoa, Alcoa, Blount County, Tennessee, Jennifer Lee Fowler, (daughter of Larry Fowler and Karol Swanger). She was born abt 1977.

306a. Judith Dawn (Judy) Millsaps

b. 13 Dec 1943 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married (1) 28 Dec 1963, Samuel Edgar Shore, (son of Frank Shore and Ova Sparks). He was born 10 Dec 1942. Judy married (2) 23 Nov 1983, Jack Bishop Humphreys. He was born 17 Dec 1933.

Children by Samuel Edgar Shore:

394c. i. Rodney Stephen Shore b. 19 Dec 1967.

ii. Bradley Ray Shore b. 6 Apr 1970. He married 3 May 1997, Judy Carol Holmes. She was born 2 Jan 1971.

iii. Bethany Dawn Shore b. 16 Jul 1974. She married 13 Sep 1997, Jason Eric Pankratz. He was born 18 Sep 1970.

306b. Carol Ray Millsaps

b. 26 Mar 1945 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married 26 Aug 1965, Clarence Eugene Luckey III, (son of Clarence Luckey and Ruth Givens). He was born 8 Jan 1943 in Gibson County, Tennessee.


394ca. i. Clarence Eugene Luckey IV b. 28 Aug 1966.

ii. Thomas Millsaps Luckey b. 14 Jan 1968 in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.

307. William Thomas (Billy) Millsaps

b. 18 Oct 1946 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married 20 Jun 1969, Donna Faye Lane, (daughter of Floyd Lane and Lois M. Tipton. She was born 23 Dec. 1949, in Blount County, Tennessee,


394d. i. Jama Lois Millsaps b. 29 Jun 1971.

394e. ii. Amy Denise Millsaps b. 6 Apr 1974.

308. Wilma Everett

b. abt 1924 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married Reece Drinnen. Children:

i. Linda Drinnen.

308c. Dwain L. Pesterfield

born in Blount County, Tennessee. He married Loretta Jane Best, (daughter of Fred Best and Hazel Brannon).


i. Jennifer Leigh Pesterfield. She married Joseph Shane Geren.

309. David Pesterfield

born in Blount County, Tennessee. He married Betty Jo Whitehead, (daughter of Victor L. Whitehead and Maude Lucille Giffin).


i. Brad Pesterfield.

ii. Brent Pesterfield.


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