388o. Marcus L. Walker

b. 8 Jul 1960 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married Teresa L. (Walker). She was born abt 1964 in Blount County, Tennessee.


i. Shannon Walker.

ii. Shawn Walker.

iii. Beth Walker.

388p. Kimberly Walker

b. abt 1965 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married Randal D. Wright. He was born abt 1967 in Blount County, Tennessee. Kimberly married (2) Mr. Purdy.


499. i Kaitlyn Wright.

388q. Conchita Walker

b. 8 Dec 1958 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married Darryl Bowling.


500. i Chad Bowling b. 12 Jan 1979.

ii. Christy Bowling.

501. iii Tiffany Bowling.

iv. Matt Bowling.

390a. David Ray Perkins, Jr.

b. abt 1972 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married 6 Aug 1994 in Six Mile Baptist Church, Blount County, Tennessee, Cindy Vernice Jenkins, (daughter of Leon Jenkins and Shirley Bradam). She was born abt. 1972.


i. Grayson Andrew Perkins b. abt 2001 in Blount County, Tennessee

ii. Ashlyn Elizabeth Perkins, b. 4 Mar 2005 in Blount County, Tennessee.

390b. Gary Allen Perkins

b. 10 May 1975 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married Stephanie Dianne Greaser.


i. Bryson Perkins.

390c. Amy Jewell Nuchols

b. 9 Dec 1974 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married (1) 22 Jul 1994 in Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee, Rodney Kevin Ogle, (son of Martin Ogle and Sandy Breeden). He was born 12 Jun 1970 in Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee, and died 8 Mar 2000 in Walland, Blount County, Tennessee. Kevin was buried 11 Mar 2000 in Maryville First Baptist Tabernacle Cemetery, Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee. She married (2) 1 Dec 2001 in Blount County, Tennessee, Chester Nathan Gentry.


i. Brooke Allison Ogle.

ii. Kevin Dale Ogle.

392f. Arlene Joyce Howell

She married (1) Mr. Tunnell. She married (2) Lou Alonso.

Children by Mr. Tunnell:

i. Valerie Ann Tunnell, d. bef 2004. Valerie is deceased.

393aa. John David Nitzsche

b. 8 May 1960.


i. Ashley Nicole Nitzsche b. 12 Jan 1989.

515. ii Chelsea Rene Nitzsche b. 12 Aug 1991.

393ab. Diana Lynn Nitzsche

b. 19 Dec 1968. She married Timothy James Skomal.


i. Meghan Lynn Skomal b. 19 May 1988.

ii. Morgan Skomal b. 24 Oct 1990.

iii. Tyler Skomal b. 12 Oct 1994.

393ac. Teresa Dawn (Terri) Wells

b. 14 Jun 1962. She married 29 May 1982, Corbin Ray Nazarenus. He was born 11 May 1957.


i. Treva Marie Nazarenus b. 26 Jun 1989.

ii. Alexander Scott (Alex) Nazarenus b. 22 Jun 1997.

393ad. Eric Scott Wells

b. 13 Mar 1965. He married 1 Jul 1997, Penny Gayle Bare. She was born 23 Oct 1960.


516. i Jacob Alexander Wells b. 23 Jul 1986.

393ae. Mandy Dawn Amerine

b. 17 May 1975. She married (1) Joel Orlich. Mandy married (2) 31 Dec 2007, Chris Montero.

Children by Joel Orlich:

i. Savannah Raelyn Orlich b. 4 Mar 2001.

ii. Race Orlich b. 11 Feb 2006.

393af. Natasha Marie Nuchols

b. abt 1986 in Oak Ridge, Anderson County, Tennessee.


i. Kaden Lane Nuchols b. in January 2008.

393ag. Tiffany Nicole Nuchols

b. abt 1990 in Tennessee. She married 13 Jul 2006 in Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee, Jacob Dewayne Melton, (son of Freddy Melton and Miss (Melton)). He was born 11 Jul 1986.


i. Hayley Jo Melton b. 11 Nov 2005 in Tennessee.

ii. Heidi Ann Melton b. 6 Nov 2007 in Tennessee.

394. Son Scott

b. 2 Oct 1957 in Riverside County, California. He married Miss Moreno.


i. Son Scott.

ii Daughter Scott.

394a. Daughter Scott

b. 24 Feb 1960 in Riverside County, California. She married Mr. Clarke.


i Daughter Clarke.

394c. Alexander Huston Nuchols

b. 4 Sep 1984 in San Bernardino County, California. He married Amanda Theodore, (daughter of Thomas James Theodore and Carolyn Elaine (Theodore)). She was born 7 Sep 1980 in California.


i. James Alexander Nuchols b. 7 Jan 2005 in Georgia.

ii. Conner William Nuchols b. 2 May 2007 in California.

396. Blanche Elaine Gatlin

was born in 1949 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married Leonard Walker. He was born in 1953.


i. Mark Walker born in 1979. He married 30 Dec 2006, Michelle Allred.

396a. Anna Ruth Gatlin

was born in 1951 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married Charles David Cooper. He was born in 1950, and died 12 Feb 2004.


i. Charlotte Ann Cooper born in 1972 in Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee.

ii. David Lynn Cooper born in 1975 in Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee. He married Heather (Cooper).

396b. Freddie Kay Gatlin

was born in 1953 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married 22 Jun 1974 in Calvary Baptist Church, Alcoa, Blount County, Tennessee, Joel Steven Dykes, (the son of Pete Dykes and Miss (Dykes)). He was born in 1953 in Sullivan County.

Taken from the Daily News, a local newspaper in Kingsport, Tennessee dated June 24-26, 1988.

    Having started working at setting headline type when he was only nine years old, J. Steven Dykes of the Daily News and Sunday Post, is probably the most experienced newspaperman of his age in the country, if not the world. A native of Sullivan County, Tennessee, he attended Cedar Grove Elementary School, and graduated from Ketron High before attending the University of Tennessee. Steven has served the newspaper as typesetter, circulation worker, reporter, editor, and advertising salesman before becoming Advertising Director and Publisher. He is also Vice President of the firm.


i. Juliana Kay Dykes born in 1977.

ii. Stephen Joseph Dykes born in 1980.

396c. Janice Marie Gatlin

was born in 1959 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married Eldra Lawrence Best. He was born in 1949.


i. Brian Scott Best born in 1977. He married 21 May 2005, Kristy Dolan.

ii. Jason Lawrence Best born in 1979. He married 23 Dec 2005, Sarah Holloway.

396d. Clayton Wendell Gatlin

was born in 1966.


i. William Gatlin.

ii. Eric Gatlin.

396e. Cathy Jean Anderson

b. 23 Jul 1951. She married Ray Edward Richeson. He was born 16 Jul 1950.


i. Shawn Darren Richeson b. 30 Jun 1981.

396f. Sandra (Sandy) Anderson

b. 20 Dec 1954. She married (1) Stanley Crye. He was born 25 May 1955. Sandy married (2) Michael Burnett. He was born 1 Jan 1954. She married (3) Robert Durden. He was born 14 Jan 1962.

Children by Stanley Crye:

i. Samanda Crye b. 11 Jan 1977. She married Josh Knight.

Children by Michael Burnett:

ii. Cassidy Burnett b. 20 Sep 1984. She married Manuel Garcia.

iii. Corey Lake Burnett b. 10 Aug 1986.

396g. Billy Trent Anderson

b. 8 Mar 1957 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married Patricia Diane Cook. She was born in 1958.


i. Jared Trent Anderson born in 1986.

ii. Joshua Thomas Anderson born in 1988.

397. Sherri Jayne Kennedy

b. 13 Mar 1961. She married Ricky Ray Riden. He was born 17 Jun 1965.


i. Alec Taylor Riden b. 20 Mar 1999.

397a. Christopher Todd Kennedy

b. 11 Jan 1975. He is engaged (not married) to Deann Joines. She was born 25 Nov 1973.

Children by Deann Joines:

i. Kelli Deann Joines.

397k. Matthew Gene Soza

b. 13 Aug 1956. He married Deborah Ann Cefelli. She was born 28 Jan 1957.


i. Daniel Joshua Soza b. 4 Jul 1985.

ii. Stephanie Lynne Soza b. 20 Mar 1989.

iii. Thomas Matthew Soza b. 21 Aug 1991.

397l. Scott Howard Soza

b. 5 Aug 1957. He married Barbara Louise Klaehn. She was born 17 Jul 1959.


i. Corey Elizabeth Soza b. 8 Sep 1986.

ii. Kylie Marie Soza b. 22 Mar 1989.

iii. Jenna Leigh Soza b. 22 Mar 1989.

iv. Lauren Katherine Soza b. 6 Aug 1990.

397m. Jonathan Abel Soza

b. 24 May 1959. He married Madeline Hernandez. She was born 27 Sep 1960.


i. Austin Matthew Soza, b. 22 Jun 1993.

ii. Ethan Scott Soza b. 24 Jun 1996.

397n. Joel Raymond Soza

b. 7 Aug 1961. He married Migdalia Ventura. She was born 9 Nov 1964.


i. Joseph Joel Soza b. 9 Sep 1993.

ii. Shari Jean Soza b. 1 Nov 2001.

397o. Laurie Soza

b. 14 Mar 1956 in Lakewood, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. She married (1) 28 Aug 1981, Brett Daniel Kraus. He was born 20 Feb 1957. She married (2) 14 May 1994, Henry E. Forbush. He was born 21 Oct 1963.

Children by Brett Daniel Kraus:

i. Daniel Robert Kraus b. 1 Oct 1991.

Children by Henry E, Forbush:

ii. Rita Elizabeth Forbush b. 6 Dec 1996.

398. Gianina Mechelle Shinpaugh

b. 20 Aug 1967 in Taipei, Taiwan. She married Brad Frazee.


i. Abigail Frazee b. 14 Feb 2000.

398c. Traci Anne Riddle

b. 25 Aug 1979. She married Dallas Albritton.


i. Austin Alexander Albritton b. 23 Feb 2001 in Florida.

ii. William Tyler Albritton b. 4 Apr 2002 in Florida.

398e. William Brian Chapin

b. 1 Mar 1980. He married Tomomi Nishizono. She was born 14 May 1976.


i Naito Chapin b. 7 Dec 2009.

398d. Alexis Loraine Riddle

b. 30 Aug 1983. She married Donald Williams. He was born 21 Jan 1981.

400. Stephen Edward Blair

He married Shelia (Blair). Steve plays with the symphony in Georgia and has played as far away as Russia.


i. David Blair.

401. Susan Kay Rowland

She married Sam Hocking.


i. Kimberly Hocking.

ii. Christopher Hocking.

402. Steven Painter

He married Janice (Painter).


i. Christopher Painter.

402a. Rodney Lynn Painter

b. 1 Feb 1944 in Burbank, Los Angeles County, California. He married 19 Jan 1980 in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada, Susie Marie Schott. She was born 12 Oct 1949 in St. Louis, Missouri.


502. i Shana M. Painter b. 10 Nov 1972.

402b. Karen Jean Ball

b. 19 Jan 1953 in Burbank, Los Angeles County, California. She married Lawrence Schaffner.


i. Amanda Schaffner.

ii. Kristofer Schaffner.

402c. Darryl James Ball

He married Dianne (Ball).


i. Chelsea Ball.

ii. Jameson Ball.

402d. Sandra Sue Painter

b. 26 Oct 1947 in Burbank, Los Angeles County, California. She married 12 May 1970 in Reno, Washoe County, Nevada, George Loijos, (son of Nick Loijos and Sophia Pamfilis). He was born 3 Nov 1942 in Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio.


i. Robert Louis Loijos, d. 31 Mar 1980 in Ukiah, Mendocino County, California.

ii. Christina Maria Loijos, b. 10 Mar 1972 in Ukiah, Mendocino County, California.

iii. Alexander Nikos Loijos, b. 21 Sep 1983 in Ukiah, Mendocino County, California.

iv. Ariana Suzanne Loijos, b. 28 Nov 1984 in Ukiah, Mendocino County, California.

402e. Gail Jean Painter

b. 14 Apr 1953 in Palmdale, Los Angeles County, California. She died in Ukiah, Mendocino County, California. She married (1) Kevin Smith. She married (2) Robert Spagnola.


i. Leah Smith.


ii. Joey Spagnola.

402f. Janine Ann Painter

b. Aug. 12 in Ukiah, California. She married Dennis Weston (son of Jubil Weston and Jean Brown).


503. i Clint Weston

504. ii Lindsay Lee Weston b. 10 Oct 1982.

iii. Camby Janine Weston, b. 25 Aug 1994.

402h. Claude Eugene Burnett

b. 11 Jun 1940 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. He died 10 Oct 1988 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee, and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. He married (1) Mary Rose Oates. He married (2) Linda Troutman.


i. Mary Burnett.

ii. Claude Eugene Burnett, Jr..

iii. Felicia Burnett b. 18 Aug 1964.

402i. Betty Sue Burnett

b. 22 May 1942 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. She married Hubert Ray Troutman.


510. i Cindy Renee Troutman .

511. ii Scotty Ray Troutman .

iii. Tonya Suzanne Troutman. She married David Paul Dent.

402j. Linda Faye Burnett

b. 10 Oct 1946 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. She married (1) Gene Connors. She married (2) Curtis Grimes.


i. Angie Connors.

ii. Tammy Connors.

402k. Larry Steven Burnett

b. 9 May 1949 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. He married Yvonne Rolen.


i. Jamie Burnett.

ii. Leslie Burnett.

402l. Charles David Burnett

b. 17 Jul 1950 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. He married JoAnn Mitchell.


i. David Burnett.

ii. Missy Burnett.

402m. Phillip Wayne Burnett

b. 3 Dec 1951 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. He married Brenda Sweet.


i. Wayne Burnett.

402n. Rebecca Ann Burnett

b. 19 Feb 1954 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. She married Nathan (Sonny) Sellars.


i. Brian Sellars.

ii. Tabitha Sellars.

402o. Cathy Marie Burnett

b. 20 Feb 1955 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. She married Rick Rogers.


i. April Rogers.

ii. Christi Rogers.

402p. Vickie Atchley

She married George Macklin.


i. Timmy Macklin.

ii. Bryan Macklin.

402q. Joyce Atchley

d. in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. She married Donald Green. Donald was killed in a motorcycle accident.


i. Donna Green.

ii. Donnie Green.


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