411. Daniel (Danny) Edward Stinnett

b. 8 Oct 1962 in Blount County, Tennessee. He died 20 Jan 2008 at home, Blount County, Tennessee. The funeral was 23 Jan 2008 in Memorial Funeral Home, Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee, and he was buried 24 Jan 2008 in Piney Level Baptist Church Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee. Danny married abt 1979 in Blount County, Tennessee, Patricia Hodges, (daughter of James Hodges and Mary Ellen (Hodges)). She was born 10 Oct 1964 in Georgia.


511c. i Rebecca Lynn Stinnett b. 5 Aug 1983.

ii Kayla Danielle Stinnett b. 28 Feb 1990, Blount County, Tennessee.

Jama Ruth Stinnett 412. Jama Ruth Stinnett

b. 4 May 1973 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married (1) 17 Oct 1990 in Blount County, Tennessee, Scotty Ray Turbyfill, (son of Paul Turbyfill and Linda (Turbyfill)). He was born 10 Oct 1971 in Blount County, Tennessee. Jama married (2) 10 Jun 2000 in Blount County, Tennessee, Johnny Ridings, (son of Tommy Ridings and Martha Mae Cruze). He was born 26 Aug 1970 in Blount County, Tennessee. Jama married (3) James William Loveday (son of Everette Ralph Loveday and Agnes Louise Breeden).

Children by Scotty Ray Turbyfill:

i. Whitney Nicole Turbyfill, b. 29 Nov 1991 in Blount County, Tennessee.

Children by Johnny Ridings:

ii. Sierra Makensie Ridings, b. 1 Dec 2000 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee.

412a Donna Kay Nuchols

b. 26 July 196 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married November 1997, in Blount County, Tennessee, Mike Russell, (son of James Russell and Mary Russell).


i Dylan Justice Russell b. 29 Sep. 1997, in Blount County, Tennessee.

Roger Eldon Nuchols Edna Gail Allmon 412b Roger Eldon Nuchols

b. 3 Jan 1973, Blount County, Tennessee, m. 3 Aug 1993, in Blount County, Tennessee, Edna Gail Allmon, b. Abt. 1975, Blount County, Tennessee, (daughter of Charles Allmon and Mary Gribble).
Roger and Gail live in Maryville.

 Cody Nuchols  Rebecca Nuchols

i Cody Tyler Nuchols b. 23 May 1993, in Blount County, Tennessee.

ii Rebecca Danyel Nuchols b. 1 Sep. 1998, in Blount County, Tennessee.

412c Lisa Carol Nuchols

b. 3 Oct. 1980, in, Blount County, Tennessee, m. 9 Feb. 1999, in Blount County, Tennessee, Robert Dustin Hensman, b. 24 Nov. 1974, (son of Richard Hensman and Betty Jo Ellington).


i Krysten Kerria Hensman b. 4 Apr. 1999

412d Bertica Michelle Nuchols

b. 21 Feb. 1979, in, Knox County, Tennessee, m. 12 May 2001, in Knox County, Tennessee, Fidel Omar Belmares, b. 20 Jun. 1979, (son of Gregorio Fidel Belmares and Rosario Gaona).


i Antonia Elena Belmares b. 1 Jul. 1996, in Knox County, Tennessee.

ii Karla Emilia Belmares b. 7 Aug 2000, in Knox County, Tennessee.

iii Santiago Emanuel Belmares b. 25 Feb 2004, in Knox County, Tennessee.

412e James Wesley Nuchols

b. 23 Aug. 1985, in, Knox County, Tennessee, joined but not married Rhinniah Purkey.


i Ely James Nuchols b. 5 Jul. 2005, in Knox County, Tennessee.

412f Christy Gail Akins

b. 6 Jun. 1980, in, Knox County, Tennessee, married Jamie Blake.


i Christian Blake b. 26 Jan. 2000, in Knox County, Tennessee.

ii Gabriella Blake b. in Knox County, Tennessee.

iii Allison Blake b. in Knox County, Tennessee.

413. Mark Charles Thomas

b. 4 Jul 1962 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married (1) 19 May 1984, Felecia Lynne Grainger. Mark married (2) 30 Apr 1988, Tina Marie Owens. Mark married (3) Dartha (Thomas).

Children by Felecia Lynne Grainger:

i. Andrew Mark Thomas b. 4 Oct 1985.

Children by Tina Marie Owens:

ii. Lindsey Marie Thomas b. 3 Sep 1988.

iii. Leah Thomas.

413a. Kerma Leslie Thomas

b. 20 May 1965 in Blount County, Tennessee. She married Michael Headrick.


i. Thomas Headrick.

ii. Sarah Headrick.

413b. Leighanne Eley

born 1988 in Georgia.


i Marleigh Jade Keene.

414. Barbara Jean Long

m. Mr. Holder


i David Holder b. Blount County, Tennessee.

ii Billy Holder b. Blount County, Tennessee.

415. Trent Shields

b. Blount County, Tennessee, m. Terri Keller


i Tanner Ryan Shields b. Blount County, Tennessee.

415a. Kent Singleton

married Traci (Singleton).


i Amanda Singleton

ii Amber Singleton

415b. Fredrick Kim Hoyos

b. 4 Oct 1958, married Sandra Davis.


i Jacob Aaron Hoyos b. 8 Sep. 1996.

ii Jordan Andrew Hoyos b. 23 Sep. 1998.

415ba. Clay Douglas Cox

born 28 Mar 1970 in Texas. He married Rachael Maness.


i Chelsea Lynn Cox

ii Caleb Douglas Cox

415bf. Brad L. Coulter

married Karen Hoodenpyle.


i Benjamin (Ben) Coulter.

ii Holly Coulter.

415c. Ginger Caldwell

She married James Atkins.


i. Jacob Atkins.

ii. Elizabeth Atkins.

415d. Harley Caldwell

He married Lori (Caldwell).


i. Savannah Caldwell.

415e. Wesley R. Everett

b. 1 Aug 1977 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married Heather (Everett).


i. Morgan Everett.

416. Jeffrey William Hodge

b. 3 Mar 1956, m. 16 Nov 1978, Kandy Crye


i Nicholas Joseph Hodge b. 11 Aug 1980.

ii Jennifer Erin Hodge b. 17 May 1989.

417. Todd Eugene Hodge

b. 14 Jan 1965, m. 24 Jun 1989, Susan Griffin


i William Griffin Hodge b. 12 Feb 1992.

417a. Nichole Jeanette Hodge

b. 6 Nov 1969. She married 6 Aug 1994, Charles Kennedy.

Nikki married (2) Mr. Taylor. She marries (3) Doug Garner.

Children by Charles Kennedy:

i. Callie Kennedy.

Children by Mr. Taylor:

ii. Brock Taylor.

418. Jay Fred McCellan

b. 5 May 1961, m. 16 Jul 1993, Kim Eaton


i Hunter Cheyenne McCellan b. 13 Dec 1991.

ii Caytlin Grae McCellan b. 16 Mar 1994.

418a. Michael Charles White II

b. 27 Jan 1969. He married 21 Nov 1992 Laura Dickson.

Children: i. Michael Charles (Chase) White III.

ii. William White.

iii. Campbell Ruth White.

419. Donald Lynn Blair

b. Blount County, Tennessee, m. Miss (Blair)


i Ian Blair b. Blount County, Tennessee.

420. Tamera Denise Potter

b. 20 Feb 1961, Blount County, Tennessee, m. 12 Jul 1980, in Blount County, Tennessee, Arthur H. Walker


i Jared Walker b. Blount County, Tennessee.

ii Kelsi Walker b. Blount County, Tennessee.

Misty Dawn Potter and Steven Scott Perkins 421. Misty Dawn Potter

b. Blount County, Tennessee, m. 17 Oct 1992, in Blount County, Tennessee, Steven Scott Perkins, b. Blount County, Tennessee.


i Cody Perkins b. Blount County, Tennessee.

421a. William Travis Potter

b. 15 Sep 1975 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married 7 Dec 1996 in Blount County, Tennessee, Heather A. Gramoll, (daughter of Lynn Gramoll and Jennifer Wright). She was born abt 1977.


i. Kyle Potter.

ii. Jacob Potter.

iii. Noah Potter.

422. Pat Hall

b. 15 Jul 1963, Blount County, Tennessee, m. 20 Jun 1981, divorced, Michael Howard Cummings, (son of Howard Cummings and Sarah Lou Coulter).


i Devlin Cummings


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